Welcome to Complex Industries Customer Service

By registering and logging in, you can submit a service request. Once submitted, the ticket generated will allow you to track, review and interact with us regarding your specific requests.

Typically, the following occurs when you submit a service request:

  • Tickets are assigned to appropriate representatives based on the territory you are in.(Please be sure to include relevant photos when submitting - photos are critical to helping expedite a resolution to your specific request).
  • As soon as your request is sent, you will receive a confirmation with a ticket number.
  • Each time a representative takes action and logs that information you will receive an email with the ticket number and all comments logged to date.
  • When your service request is resolved a final email will be sent stating this.
  • Upon closing, if your request was not addressed to your satisfaction you may reopen at that time.

If you would like to ask questions prior to registering / submitting a service request, you can send us an email at support@complexindustries.zendesk.com.

We hope to provide superlative support on all your product concerns and questions. By so doing we are working to continually improve the products we provide.

Thank you for choosing Complex Industries.